Write Compelling Emails and Convert More with Simple Tricks

Email marketing is one of the most oldest and reliable forms of communication. Email marketing is a process where you send your target an email stating your products or services, an offer, or any information you want to convey. Even though email might not look as flashy as social media platforms, it is trusted and generates an ROI of $36 for every dollar invested. There are an estimated 4 billion email users. Email Marketing is convenient and it has the potential for high conversion and increased revenue. Marketers also prefer Email Marketing rather than Social Media Networks.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Great ROI

It is one of the best forms of marketing as it has a great ROI which supports the reason for choosing Email Marketing as a primary mode of marketing and promotion.


Since Email Marketing has a great ROI it is most effective as well. Digital Marketers prefer email marketing over all others forms like Social Media Marketing, amazon paid ads, and other ads.

Obtain Valuable Business Data

Email Marketing requires the email address of your targets, and it is very important as it is very direct and doesn’t involve anybody else in between. Most professionals check their emails on a daily basis which makes it feasible to see your email.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Before Sending Emails randomly to any email address, you need to devise a strategy to increase your chances for conversion. Without a solid email marketing strategy, your email will be just another mail in spam or unopened. To avoid that, you must take proper steps in creating an email marketing strategy. There are some steps involved in this strategy,

a) Email List

Before you start sending emails, collect the email addresses of your target customers. You can collect those emails through leads with paid ads or your social media channel, or research those who might need your services.

b) Clear-defined goals

Email Types

Once you have your list of emails, you need to figure out what is the purpose of your email marketing campaign. Is it for sales, promotion, awareness, or any information? Having clearly defined goals helps you to write a better email suited to those goals.

c) Email Type

This is connected with the goal of your campaigns. If your email’s intent is to create awareness, then it may include information, facts, and something to remember. So, the content of the email depends upon the goal of the email.

How to Write an Impactful Email


It is best to add a human touch to your email to give it a personal touch that may sound real to the reader. If you generate it through something, then it may sound fake and then there’s no chance of a conversion.

Write Real and True Subject Lines

The email Subject is very important as the reader decides which email to open from the subject line. So, spend a good time deciding on a subject line for a catchy and true subject line. You should not write a clickbait title because once the reader realizes it is clickbait, then you have one less customer.

Keep Messages Short

An email should be short so that the reader does not feel like it’s hard work to read. If you sent a lengthy email, then chances are that the reader leaves your mail halfway. To avoid that, keep your message short and concise.

CTAs are a Must

Don’t forget to include a solid Call-to-action to increase the chance of converting your reader. The whole objective of your email is to make your reader take the desired action. So, include a CTA at the end of your mail to increase conversion.

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