Establish Strong Social Media Presence with These Handy Tips

In this ever-changing world where you need to be on your toes to keep up with the trends and not get left behind. Brands and businesses work very hard to make a space in your consciousness with different strategies and you might notice that major brands are not only known for their products or services. Instead, these brands have delved deep into psychology to create a message in our minds that the brands want to represent, and establish a solid online presence. For example, if a brand name comes to your mind what is the first that comes to your mind, that word is the message that the brand has created in your subconscious.

You can’t compete with the resources of these big corporations that inject billions of dollars just for advertising and campaigns. You do not need to become a major company to be able to achieve that. All you need is just a brilliant plan for your customers along with certain places you need to establish yourself.

The three main pillars of online visibility are a website, a strong social media presence, and a content marketing strategy. All of them are equally relevant to the prosperity and success of a solid online presence that attracts viewers and increases conversion of your online leads. We will now discuss these three pillars in detail to obtain a clear picture of what should be the course of action to ensure maximum achievement.

Creating a Website that solidifies Online Presence

1. Navigation

Great Website Navigation for best online presence

When building a website keep in mind to create an easily navigable if the viewer finds it hard to find certain options on your website, it is more likely that the user will leave your website. The goal of your website should be creating loyal customers with frequent visits to your website and purchasing what your website offers. In order to achieve it you need to make your website easy to navigate. IMAGE:

2. Visual Design

Website Design that enhances online presence

It is one of the most underrated elements, instead, it is vital. While choosing a color combination for your website, you should try to choose colors that resemble your company’s color. Along with the color, the website’s typeface should match the brand’s image and the message it wants to represent.

3. Content

Website Content Marketing for online presence

Visual appeal is good to create an instant positive impact on the user and after that, you should focus on content and should not only ask customers to buy services. It must focus on defining your brand’s values, missions, and inspiration. Either you should write carefully or you can hire a professional content writer who can write impactful content that can drive viewers to try your offers.

4. Web Friendly

website friendly for enhanced online presence

In Web-Designing, you should make it easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily on any device. You can achieve this by developing web-friendly options, which make your website more user-friendly. You should link other pages to provide further information related to certain topics.

5. Interaction

Interaction website

You cannot depend on a single element to build a good website, you need to tick all the boxes of website building for a solid website. The website you build has to be comfortable and it should have a fast response and great UI to support a good experience for a user on your website.

6. Branding

website branding

Suppose you built a great website and everything is perfect but when the viewer exit the website, he/she could not recall the name of the brand, it really disappoints even with the hard work. Therefore, you have to add a sense of uniqueness that separates your website from your competitors and gives your audience a reason to connect with your brand on a mental level.

7. Conversion

website conversion

When everything is done to build your website, you should focus intensely on improving the areas which really matter to your business, revenue-generating areas of websites. You cannot afford mistakes there, and you must build a coherent system that is managed regularly.

Establishing Online Presence with Social Media

social media presence

Social Media is growing at a rapid rate with more and more people coming to join this culture. Everyone has a digital being which is represented by different social media platforms.
With this huge sea of social media users, there is a huge opportunity for brands to capture the attention of these potential consumers. Every brand has a social media account on various platforms to give the consumers a digital presence which they feel is easy to connect through social media networks.

When establishing a social media presence you need an account with maximum optimization so you can be found easily and your brand gets seen more often. You start by creating accounts on different social networks, even though every social media platform is slightly different, there are a few common traits that every account should have to create an impactful profile on social media.

a) Account name

Social Media

The account name you choose should represent your brand and needs to be recognizable which is easy to remember at the same time. Complex names are hard to remember and people tend to forget such names easily. After that add a descriptive keyword that relates to your work. Location is also a thumbs up if you have a physical store like a restaurant, a book shop, or a café, adding a location in your bio.

b) Profile Picture

Profile Picture Social Media

When it comes to your profile picture if you are a brand and have a final logo then use your logo as your account’s profile picture. Facebook has a cover profile feature that you can use to describe the nature of your business. If you are a toy shop owner then you can use an image of a child holding a toy with his parents to provide the intended message.

c) Bio

Social Media Description Bio

It includes a paragraph-sized introduction to your business. Avoid writing plain and basic facts like ‘we sell books’ or ‘we provide services’, instead connect it with a story that makes it easy to read and remember. So, write your description in a fun and curious way.

d) Call to Action

Call To Action CTA

You have done the hard part of bringing the audience to your page but another hard part comes. Can you convince the viewers to purchase your services or products? A simple message might do the work rather than complex words that are unable to convince the user to purchase.

Content Marketing Strategies for Online Presence

Now you have optimized your website and social media networks but it’s not enough, it is not sufficient to rely on these two if you want to build your brand into a big brand you have to appear everywhere but the stress is on the message. You have to figure out the message you intend to deliver. You need to create your marketing strategies. Now, in order to build an effective content marketing strategy, you should find out about the following as it helps in devising an objective strategy.

a) Goals

marketing goals

What is the end goal of your campaign and what do you want to achieve through this campaign with this? Do you want more visibility or more sales? A clear goal assists in formulating a strategy centered around it which can make it easy to achieve that objective.

b) Understanding Audience Demographics


Every age group thinks differently, and you should craft your content according to your target audience and you should keep in mind the behavior of certain age groups. For example, you have a brand that sells fashionable clothes for teens and young adults. The language you use should contain slang that this age group uses to be more relevant and you are more likely to make them your loyal customer.

c) Competitors

Competitor Research

While developing your brand, you have to keep tabs on your competitors, not to diminish them, but to find inspiration from them and use it to better your company and devise better strategies, and policies. There should be healthy competition and a little bit of banter does not hurt either.

d) Strategy


Now that you have everything you need you can create a solid content marketing strategy for your target audience. Make a strategy paying attention to all the previous points and use the previous experience to form better strategies.

These are the ways you can build more visibility online and remember to prioritize quality above all, it will ensure that your brand performs in the long run and establishes a name worldwide. Don’t sit and think about whether you should start it or not. Just start what you always wanted to do.

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